October 20, 2012

I first came to Certified Hand Center in 2009 with a finger amputation, needing hand therapy.  This was when I met Karen Weber, who introduced me to hand therapy and she immediately went to work figuring out the best way to exercise my hand with my current hand condition.  I never realized how important having somebody with technical knowledge could be. Karen knows and went on to teach me just about everything there is to know about how to bend fingers when they are shortened, and how it affects the hand as a whole.  Over time, my illness caused me to have four fingers partially amputated one at a time over several years. It seemed that I was always in hand therapy, and it became quite difficult to manage my case, at least for me. Karen Weber remained my hand therapist over the last three years and my file now looks like a telephone book, but I can still use my hands, even to type this letter. Karen’s strong determination to help me not only use my hands again but to get my head right was without question going beyond the call of duty.  In fact, the whole team in Rockford, from the smiling ladies at the front desk to the technicians who filled my water therapy bath, were all extremely nice and helpful in my recovery.  It’s amazing what smiling faces and good attitudes can do for somebody, and this group of people have continually been there for me, year after year, since my illness began.  I must say that not even the doctors treating me helped me as much as Karen and her team.  I will forever be in their debt, as my hands have become mine again.  If you have hand problems and you haven’t met the team at Certified Hand Center, I urge you to pay them a visit.  I doubt I would have regained as much use of my hands without the help and caring of these very special people.  My forever thanks goes out to them, and especially to Karen Weber, my awesome hand therapist. You’re the best, Karen. Thank you.

Ken Bailenson


I came to your facility after my accident on August 4, 2011. My doctor highly recommended Leah Crull. He was very adamant that I see her. It wasn't long before I understood why. She was very welcoming from the start and made me feel at ease right away.

Her personal approach and ability to connect with her clients is remarkable. I'm personally in the service industry and I know that these are great qualities and not found in all service providers. Her years of experience and willingness to go beyond is apparent in everything she does, every day.

You have a GREAT person, therapist, in her, if I could find a pill to reproduce her love for life, family and job...I believe people like her change the world. There is a short list of people that have touched my life in a very profound way, the list just got longer by one.

Thank you so much for recognizing this qualities in her and hiring her, she is definitely top in her field, the best of the best.

—Sincerely Gregg Johnson











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