Automobile Accident/Personal Injury


People are often confused about what it means to be involved in a personal injury accident. A personal injury accident is an injury that was caused by the negligence of another person or business. i.e. You fall at a retail store due to a wet floor. You have notified the manager/owner of the business and have been given the proper billing information. Please refer to either the Personal Injury form or Automobile Accident form for required information. If you have any questions about the information being requested, please contact our Patient Accounts. It is our preference and strong recommendation to bill these types of payers first before billing any group health insurance. You should not have to use your group health benefits which are often limited in the number of visits or total payment for therapy benefits when someone else is responsible for payment. If someone else is responsible, let us help you make them responsible. Our Billing staff is well trained in these types of situations. We can offer you advice on how best to get the treatment you deserve and not be held responsible for payment.

If, at some point in the process, the auto or personal injury insurance is not paying, we will prepare a provider lien against that insurance company. You, along with other interested parties, will receive a copy of this lien. This document is a legal document that ensures when a settlement is reached that your bill with us is paid. It is not a lien against you or your property. If the insurance is disputing claims or not paying and you are working with an attorney, we expect a minimum monthly payment of $25 due upon receipt of a patient statement. Generally, a patient statement is received about 90-120 days after the initial claims are filed with the insurance. The $25 payment is not an additional charge. These payments are applied to the existing balance and allow us to at least cover the current costs of dealing with attorneys and insurance companies while waiting for final payment. If these payments are not made, you run the risk of having your account sent to a collection agency and being held responsible for a collection fee.

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